Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom Teeth Removal


When our third molars, or wisdom teeth, arrive, it’s not uncommon for them to get ‘stuck’ in the jaw.

Cleaning around trapped wisdom teeth is a challenge and can lead to tooth decay or gum swelling around the back of the teeth. It can cause bad breath, soreness and even infection. When infection occurs, we have to treat this with antibiotics as it can make it hard to open your mouth and lead to swollen glands and a fever.

If you experience any of these unpleasant side effects of wisdom teeth, it’s often a good idea to get them removed.

For more information, the dentists at Tauranga’s family dental clinic, Duncan Dental, are more than happy to help.

Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Not everyone will need their wisdom teeth removed, but if they are impacted – or trapped – and it has led to recurrent infections, removal is recommended. We also like to remove wisdom teeth if they are causing pain or there are signs of decay or gum disease.

Will I be less wise without my wisdom teeth?

Don’t worry – you’ll be just as wise as ever without your third molars! They’re called wisdom teeth because they emerge in early adulthood, unlike the rest of your teeth which arrive in childhood.  

The removal process

Getting wisdom teeth extracted can sound daunting, in most cases, it is a simple dental procedure that will end ongoing tooth pain and discomfort.  

Wisdom tooth removal is often performed by your dentist at Duncan Dental under local anaesthetic. For patients with especially stubborn wisdom teeth, you will be put under general anaesthetic, usually in hospital, and your teeth will be removed by an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

Post wisdom tooth removal treatment

While you won’t feel pain during the wisdom teeth removal, swelling, discomfort and sometimes pain following treatment is common. Your dentist will prescribe appropriate pain medication to help during this post-treatment period. Rest is an important part of your recovery and we recommend 2 days off work.

Dry sockets – sometimes blood clots form and prevent healing from occurring. It may occur around Day 3 post-surgery and will be accompanied by pain, soreness, and bad breath or taste. If you notice signs of dry sockets, speak to your dentist who will treat it.  

Temporary numbness – in some cases, wisdom teeth removal is followed by temporary numbness. This is rarely serious but may take a few weeks to complete resolve itself. Very occasionally, numbness can last for months or years.

Follow-up appointments and recovery care

Your Tauranga dentist will give you detailed instructions to help encourage healing. This includes not brushing near the affected teeth, tips to keep your mouth clean, foods to eat and avoid and other important information for care and recovery.

You will have a follow-up appointment 1-2 weeks after your wisdom tooth extraction to check your healing and remove stitches.

Speak to Duncan Dental for more information about Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you are worried about sore, impacted or infected wisdom teeth in Tauranga, talk to Duncan Dental.

If you have had your wisdom teeth removed and have any concerns, get in touch with us today – 07 578 5221.

Important facts

Average time for procedure

60-90 minutes

Average cost

$500 per tooth

Number of visits