Traditional Braces

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Traditional Braces


Traditional braces are a well-known dentistry treatment for a reason - they work. They are metal brackets adhered to your teeth and connected by wire, which are tightened over time by your dentist. The pressure straightens your teeth safely in small amounts at a time and aligns your jaw.

Don’t worry, today’s modern traditional braces are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than they have been in the past. We use the best quality American Orthodontics, MBT prescription, clear and metal, brackets and wires.

We start with very gentle wires, over time progressing through small incremental changes. This reduces discomfort and any possible damage to the roots of teeth. This steady, gentle force moves and straightens the teeth safely. Most traditional braces treatments are finished in only 12-24 months. Traditional braces are the most effective form of treatment to correct overcrowded teeth.

There are many benefits of traditional braces including:

● Straightens your teeth

● Aligns your jaw

● The most effective treatment for overcrowded teeth

● A range of colour options

● Most cases finished in 12-24 months

Treatment plan

If you’re interested in learning more and finding out if braces are right for you, book an appointment with our team today. The first visit is free and we will discuss the in’s and out’s with you, answering any questions you may have.

You will receive a full treatment plan which will be explained in full in at least two visits. We will run through what will be involved, costs in which you are given plenty of time to consider the options prior to starting.

There are multiple visits required in orthodontic cases and you will be offered and prioritised for early morning appointment time slots, late evenings and Saturdays. This will minimise any work, home or schooling disruptions. Throughout the various stages of treatment, you will be kept informed of progress and encouraged to ask any questions.

Why Duncan Dental?

Our Tauranga dentists offer state of the art full-service dentistry at two dental clinics. We know going to the dentist isn’t always the best experience, so we are gentle by nature and offer various options to make your dentistry a breeze. We use only the latest dental technology, provide an array of options, leading to faster healing times and less pain.

Contact one of our two Tauranga dental clinics today for a free initial appointment.

Important facts

Average time for procedure

12 - 24 Months

Average cost

$6500 - $8000

Number of visits