Root Canals

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Root Canals


Root Canal Treatment may also be referred to as root canal therapy, root fillings or endodontic treatment. The aim of root canal therapy is to clean and fill the small nerve space over a series of appointments. Between appointments the tooth is dressed with a sedative, which helps address tooth pain.

Common reasons for a tooth requiring a root canal include; a history of deep decay in a tooth, a previously very deep restoration or trauma that exposes the tooth nerve. Clinical signs that may indicate a tooth requires a root canal include severe facial or tooth pain, a gum swelling or abscess and tooth discolouration.

Some teeth that require root canal treatment may not have any symptoms, but routine examination can help identify the need for one.

Important facts

Average time for procedure

60-120 minutes

Average cost

Single canal: $1100, Multiple canals: $1300

Number of visits