Functional Orthodontics

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Functional Orthodontics


Removable appliances worn to move the lower jaw and teeth to avoid extractions and improve facial appearance in some cases.

The Twin-Block appliance is a removable, functional, appliance used to treat patients with excessive protrusion of the upper front teeth, or an under developed lower jaw. The name “Twin-Block” is derived from the fact that the appliance is comprised of separate upper and lower plates with ramps (blocks) that work in tandem. These were developed by William Clark, an orthodontist who treated Stuart, when he was a child in his home town of Kirkcaldy.

This is an evidence-based treatment and has been used to successfully treat thousands of patients including both of Stuart's children. For more info click here

Important facts

Average time for procedure

6-24 months

Average cost


Number of visits

Multiple monthly visits