Six Things Dentists Want You to Know About Your Teeth

Have you ever wondered what your dentist is thinking about behind that mask while they examine your teeth? Well, here are six things that dentists wished more people knew about their oral health.

Flossing really is half the battle

Despite how many times they say it, dentists still want more people to understand how important flossing truly is. Flossing gets rid of bits of food and plaque trapped between your teeth that your brush can’t reach. It contributes to a healthy mouth and helps prevent gingivitis (inflammation to your gums). Brushing is not enough: flossing and tooth brushing should always go hand in hand.

It is possible to overbrush your teeth

While we always commend brushing your teeth, it is possible to get a little too enthusiastic. Brushing too hard can damage your gums and lead to receding gums, which is where the gums get pushed back away from the tooth, exposing more of the root. This can lead to tooth sensitivity and severe cases might need gum grafting surgery. If you’ve been brushing vigorously, don’t panic: just start gentler brushing twice a day.

Good oral hygiene starts young

Your children will thank you one day for starting their oral health early. The best thing to do is make tooth brushing a habit as soon as their first teeth cut. It may be difficult with an infant, but role modelling and consistency go a long way towards creating strong lifelong habits. And remember, babies in NZ should see a dental hygienist for the first time around their first birthday.

Food choices matter

The foods you eat really can affect the health of your teeth. Dentists recommend getting enough calcium, limiting sugary drinks, and eating a lot of crunchy, high fibre foods like carrots, apples and broccoli. Even crunchy peanut butter is a good choice. The good news is the foods that are good for your teeth are also good for your health!

Swirl some water after drinks that stain

Can’t live without your cup of coffee each morning or a glass of red wine each night? That’s fine – we’re not asking you to remove all your favourite foods and drinks from your life! But after consuming these high-staining drinks, swishing some water around your mouth is very helpful. Make it a habit and we’ll see far less staining at your next dentist appointment.

We’ve seen it all before

Don’t let fear or embarrassment stop you from coming in to see your dentist. Whether you’ve chipped a tooth, are suffering bad breath or are simply afraid of your dental check, seeing the dentist will go a long way towards maintaining good oral health. We’ve seen everything before, so don’t feel silly – just book a dental appointment.

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April 13, 2021