Healthy Gums the Foundation for Healthy Teeth

At Duncan Dental we know that healthy gums are the foundation for healthy teeth, and we encourage all our patients at our Tauranga dental clinics to address their gum health every day. In the same way that you wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth in the morning before you leave the house, you should also attend to the gums every day. Our dentists at 11th Avenue and Elizabeth St are happy to take the time to point you to what treatments and tools are best for your requirements.

Get The Right Tools

So what helps to keep your gums healthy? The first great step you can take is to make sure that you are not brushing too hard, our gums are delicate and it’s better to spend a little extra on a good electric toothbrush to ensure that when you are cleaning your teeth you are not damaging your gums. At Duncan Dental in Tauranga, we can recommend the right brush and paste for your particular needs.

No Smoking Please!

Our next tip is a no-brainer, and your dentist will probably tell you, don’t smoke. Smoking is really bad for your gums, it reduces circulation and can cause permanent damage to the delicate balance in the mouth. When you smoke the oxygen in your bloodstream is reduced, so all those tiny capillaries in your gums don’t get what they need to keep pumping. If you want healthy gums you must stop smoking, if you can’t right now, then make sure that your routine includes a good mouthwash - and think about adding a dedicated tongue cleaner to your daily dental hygiene practice.

Hygiene Treatment At Duncan Dental

At Duncan Dental we provide a Hygiene Treatment that can be really beneficial for your gums. Sometimes you may need to address calculus build-up which is actually below the surface of the gum, this is a root cleaning procedure and we will offer this to you as a specialised treatment which may mean you need a local anaesthetic as part of our appointment. We are able to talk you through this procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Flossing Every Day

A basic tip that is great for the health of your gums is simply to floss. When you remove the bacteria, plaque, and food from between your teeth you increase the amount of interdental debris you can remove from your mouth, especially if your teeth are quite close together. Used in tandem with brushing, flossing is a great way to improve and maintain gum health, just be gentle. At Duncan Dental we love to help our patients from Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, and Papamoa to learn correct techniques for gum health and our Hygiene Treatments are hugely beneficial.

Make gum health a priority with regular hygiene appointments at Duncan Dental in Tauranga, get in touch today, let’s get you smiling!

December 9, 2021