5 reasons why you need to see a dental hygienist regularly

Do you really need to see a dentist every 6-12 months? This is a question asked often. A dental hygienist is an expert teeth cleaner who will scale and polish your teeth, check on your gums, take x-rays and advise you on the effectiveness of your oral hygiene routine at home. If necessary they will refer you onto further dental treatment. Read on to find out the 5 reasons why you need to see a dental hygienist regularly.

1. Fewer visits, and more comfortable ones

It’s best to think of it this way - by seeing our dental hygienist regularly, the less likely, and frequent, you’ll need to see the dentist for larger dental work. You’ll know that your teeth are in the best shape possible, minimising any chance of painful problems or issues that might creep up over time. If you leave too much time between check-ups and treatments, imagine what might develop over that time period? Seeing a dental hygienist is like getting a Warrant of Fitness for your teeth. It usually consists of a cleaning and checking procedure, nothing painful, and you’ll leave with sparkling clean teeth and the reassurance that your teeth are in great shape.

2. Fresh breath

Our Tauranga dental hygienist will undertake scaling and polishing of your teeth. Scaling is the process of removing hardened plaque deposits from around your teeth and gums. So you can be sure your teeth and gums will receive a deep cleaning. The instant, and ongoing, benefit of this procedure, is fresh breath. A deep clean banishes nasty bacteria that causes bad breath, and by going regularly you’ll be ensuring that bad breath will be destroyed at its roots as it won’t allow the bacteria to build up.

3. Whiter smile

Not only are plaque and tartar removed, but you’ll also most likely notice instant whiter teeth. Once scaling has taken place, a polishing paste is then used to remove any lingering stains. No matter how hard you brush, you can’t brush away stains. If you’ve overindulged in coffee, tea or red wine and haven’t brushed your teeth properly, they will end up becoming discoloured. Your dental hygienist has the tools, knowledge and specialist products to restore your teeth to their natural white beauty. By visiting regularly, stains won’t be able to build up over time as they will be removed periodically.

4. Better overall health

It sometimes surprises people that research has shown that poor oral health has negative effects on your entire body. Recent studies have shown links between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes and even pregnancy compliments. More links continue to be discovered to other diseases. It’s pivotal to keep excellent oral hygiene for your overall health, and this includes deep cleanings and x-ray check-ups.

5. Education

A regular visit to one of our dental hygienists at Duncan Dental in Tauranga is a must for healthy teeth, as well as taking care of your oral hygiene at home with effective brushing, flossing and interdental cleaning. Rather than just scrub away ‘til you can scrub no more, your hygienist will teach you how to clean your teeth properly, including using small circular motions and short back-and-forth strokes.You’ll be educated on how to take the best care of your teeth for excellent oral hygiene and health. .

So there you have it, the top 5 reasons to see your dental hygienist regularly. Time for an appointment? Contact Duncan Dental today and we will book you in for a hygiene treatment.

November 16, 2020

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